Red 2 Captain Cardboard Legacy X-Wing


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Hey guys,
Inspired by many of the fantastic modelers here and elsewhere, I have completed my first Studio Scale model: Red 2.
It was built from a new cast by Hoss Hobbies of the Captain Cardboard masters.

Though I have experience with resin models, this was a pretty challenging build and I really learned a lot. C&C are welcome. Happy post WIPs or answer questions.
SS X_Wing_Red_2.jpg
SS X_Wing_Red_2-6.jpg
SS X_Wing_Red_2-5.jpg
SS X_Wing_Red_2-3.jpg
SS X_Wing_Red_2-7.jpg
SS X_Wing_Red_2-4.jpg
SS X_Wing_Red_2-2.jpg
SS X_Wing_Red_2-8.jpg

Jedi Dade

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It really is a very nice piece of work. Since you asked for C&C I'll add this... It may be the lighting but the overall color seems a bit too white/clean. If it were mine I'd take a few more (less than careful) passes of a "dirty" wash. To get more variation in the white panels and add a overall grungier look. Maybe a bit of "spatter". But its all to taste - and as I said it might just be the lighting of the photographs. IF you're happy with it - ignore me ;)

Jedi Dade

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