Recluse personnal saber.


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Finely get the time to finished and post my personnal saber named: Recluse.

Finals specs:

- CF 6.1.
- 18650 panasonic 3400mah battery.
- 2W Bass speaker.
- Tri Rebel BBW mounted in the emiter.
- 3.7v hack.
- Simple color mixing technique for warm withe/blue/iceblue blade and warm withe/blue or ice blue FOC.
- Custom greblees.
- Custom chassis.
- Custom speaker module.
- Redone emiter section.
- Acid weathering.
- Paint weathering.
- Hot flamme weathering on the copper section.
- D-ring.
- Activation and aux switch under the bubble strip.
- Modified pommel insert.
- Modified clamp.
- 2.1 recharge port.
- Internal RICE port.
- Custom display killkey.
- Custom bladeplug.
- Fake and real cosmetic rust.

Pics better quality since I have finely get my camera back:

Blade pics:

To wait for the full video demo here is a quick one ;)

Recluse personnal saber quick video demo. - YouTube