Recaster Alert: Sam Wood from the UK

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Ozymandius, Aug 6, 2015.

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    Once again I have to come on here to warn others not to sell to some lying, thieving piece of filth.

    Driftwood Studios
    Sam Woods

    9 pages avenue
    Bexhill, East Sussex
    TN39 3AP
    United Kingdom

    He ordered an Episode VII helmet from me and promptly turned around and is selling them on his web site and Facebook page. Although he didn't order from the RPF I wanted other sellers to know who he is.
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    It would've been so nice to come to some type of business arrangement between you and him...and yet it all comes to greed. Simple as that.:behave
    I feel for you ozymandius; not fair at all! Thanks for the FYI:)
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    Yeah, but it's up to the "rights holder" to file a complaint. I guess Ozymandius also doesn't own the intellectual rights to these helmets?
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    His website:
    Funny how he is marketing himself as a concept and film/television prop company. Guess he will try to get work using other people's work? Plus check out his concept drawings on his Facebook albums.... Guess he will need to start stealing other people's drawings too as he wont get hired using that artwork anytime soon.

    His Facebook:
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    To answer my own question, the answer is YES! He will steal drawing soon as well.
    Looking on his website he has a link asking people to submit designs. Of course he plays it off as if he is collaborating and he will credit them as the designer, but how much do you want to bet he will just steal designs and claim credit?

    "Submit your designs...

    At Driftwood Studios we like to let our fans be as much a part of the film world as we are, so we are giving you the chance to submit your own sketches, conceptual art, photograps or any material that you would love to see us create.
    Alas we will not be able to make everything you send to us, however if we feel your design stands out from the croud, is original, and would look great in the hands of a movie villain or hero, then we want to see it!

    If your design gets chosen to be made we will give you full credits on our website and across our social media pages!

    Email us your designs..."

    And he writes:
    "Here at Driftwood Studios we are thrilled to offer you the most beautiful movie props from the film and television industry, from swords to armour and one off bespoke costumes to framed conceptual art, we can provide the more discerning collector with any object of their choice.

    Every piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and a signature of the artist guaranteeing top quality craftsmanship".

    I wonder if the certificate will be signed by him as if he is "the artist"? :lol
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    Sucks to hear he recast your work. What is it about the UK lately? The majority of people who have recast me come from there as well :(

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