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Hello this Bjorn. This is all a big misunderstanding and Paul at Skunkworks Props is now aware of
the entire story. We have taken the bust off ebay as i don't want to be accused
for being something that is not true. This is part of my own fault as I told my partner Annica to put
the bust on eBay before i went outside town on a business trip. But without giving her the background
story of the bust who made it etc, this escalated to look like it's been recasted.

Can't believe how fast we start to accuse someone without knowing the true facts.
This could really the rest of the world. One of the big reasons why I hate media:(

I am no recaster and will never be.
Best regards

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Hello, my name is Annica, Bjorns wife and partner at Elm-Studios. The fault is all mine. You see
Bjorn is out of town on a business trip and was told to put this bust out on eBay
while he was away. And Bjorn did not leave me any background story to it, and I was
so sure the helmet was sculpted by him as well. But after I spoke to Bjorn this morning
over phone he got a little upset like you as I wrote it was sculpted by him. This is not a recast, this is the
one helmet bought from you several years ago and later attached to a resin head sculpted by Bjorn over a cracked
Stan Winston casting. It sais on the plaque it's number 5 of 10, but I was told that plaque belongs to a Predator bust
without the helmet. Although there was no new plaque made as we are out of metal sheets right now
and Bjorn decided to use the same plaque as the text info on the plaque is very close.
This bust has been in our workshop for years and since we are moving we need to sell a few things.

So sorry for this mess


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eaglewood said:
So explained. I still feel that Hez should have brought this up himself. Not starting a storm here but you cant have it both ways. You are either here or you arent.
I assume you call me "Hez" so the reason why the explanation came
from my wife is that I have been outside town for several days
sitting in meetings, and it's been tough, believe me. When the a false rumor being
spread by people on Facebook who doesn't know half the story, and can't be there to defend
the true story.

One thing is very strange, we are always fast with the accuse, but if that turns out to be a false rumor,
no comment, or a statement that "I am sorry". The thread still hurt our reputation as long as it's being read
On Facebook and here.


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So ..are you making other predator Bio helmets? Why would your wife become confused? if you didnt have a mold for a bio ...why would she think this is something you produced as a prop company?

And if you are selling a numbered amount of busts that you sculpted over a "cracked" SWS bust,( not sure what that means BTW)  but with helmets that dont come off, why would you need a Skunkworks bio to use on your bust?

im a little confused all the way around.

And please ..the very defensive stance is not really working right now for me. You are expecting apologies when you are very clear that you were in the wrong for making the listing.


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All right...I'll bite.  Since we're talking about getting our facts straight and all.  If I read an auction listing, I might naturally assume that the person listing it knows everything they are saying to be true.  So when I see my bio being listed as 'sculpted by Elm Studios' and 'not a recast', I naturally hit the roof, given that this has happened to me umpteen times before.  Further to that, I see that it is 'number 5 of 10', I naturally assume it to be part of a 10 piece run.  Is everyone following my logic so far?  Sherlock ******* Holmes this is not.

Now, I know from my feedback that I sold a P1 bio to Elm Studios back in 2009.  What's the logical conclusion here Dr. Watson?  This has been recast, and claimed as Elm Studios own sculpt.  IT ******* SAYS SO IN THE LISTING.

Furthermore, I did not 'send' anyone here to accuse Bjorn.  I posted on my FB page, asking if someone would share this with the Lair, because I did not want anyone to get burned buying something that was not what was claimed.  Especially given the high price of the piece involved.

So Bjorn, I apologise for any damage done to your reputation by this incident.  I have deleted my post on FB.  I do not apologise for raising the issue in the first place.  I understand that this was perhaps a genuine error on the part of your wife, but it is your responsibility to ensure that the facts are correct before listing.  

Further, I do not apologise to the lair for not coming here personally to raise this.  I was trying to look out for you guys and protect you from what I genuinely believed to be a recast item.  Anyone who read the listing can see why I thought that.  I said I was done with this place, and I still am.  Next time I'll just let you buy the ****** recast, if that's what something is.  Enjoy it.


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Glad you posted Paul,  And glad you thought of the lair and not wanting them /us ripped off by recasts. But would have liked to see you come here with your info as we are obviously in your thoughts still on pred matters.

And Asking someone to share the info is the same as sending someone lol.

but keeping it on topic ....Bjorn and or wife should be more careful how things are worded and if it is indeed Pauls work give credit in the listing so not to raise worries or concerns about recasts, as recasters as you are well aware are NOT tolerated.
Wording in the auction as pointed out by Paul and George is misleading at best, and frankly suspicious as hell. 

Pulling the auction is also odd, why did you simply not amend the listing with the correct info? that in itself is suspicious.

Recasters will be banned from here, recasting other artists,from here or anywhere, sideshow , Winston pieces etc, I suggest that's kept in mind.


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I also dont see anything else listed on your that "clearing out" thing doesnt make much sense. I also visited your website. this is where i'd warn you to be very careful. In your "about" you make it sound as if you make everything ..I personally see many items in your gallery where you are not the maker are actually posting items that friends of mine have made. I feel as if you are VERY misleading and you should take a very close look at how you conduct your business practices


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How do you NOT know if your husband has a bio mold? You label yourselves as a prop fabrication company. Its pretty simple sure at least ONCE you'd see Bjorn or somebody in the studio casting, trimming or painting a freshly cast bio. I know my fiance has seen more then one bio in our household..and she isnt writing ebay listing for me. Im sorry ..something isnt adding up


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Last thing before I say adios (again).  I'm sure if I had come here to post about a recast, the naysayers would have said 'Oh, I thought you had left?  But you still want to come and complain about recasts?  You can't have it both're either here or you aren't.'  Can't win on this one, I think.  My thanks to Wonko for making the effort though...

So yeah.  Now that I know how people feel about being alerted about potential recasts by a third party, because I don't want to post here anymore, I'll make sure not to bother myself next time.  Anyone who wants to discuss this further, you know where I am.
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