Recast Batman Utility Belt Designs


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This is a new one for me. I found a seller on Etsy who had copied my Batman Beyond belt design and was selling it online as his own. This was a belt design I created for a customer and now sell on my Etsy store. It's a very unique design I created and this guy copied Every. Single. Detail. Then started selling really crappy copies on Etsy. The seller "FanaticFX" was at first belligerent with me when I reached out. Then he claimed it his belt looked nothing like mine. Then he claimed his "designer" gave him the files and he didn't know. I'm not an idiot. He's since taken the belt down, but I've talked to to other makers who have copies of their stuff stolen from this guy. Not good quality either. Beware.

* Side note, if you are good enough to meticulously 3D model my belt design down to the last detail. why can't you just make your own design. Or even change it a LITTLE BIT? Ugh. Thieves confuse me.


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Yeah he has copied HernandezFX, GauntletFX, Reevz, myself and even Jester. The group page I run there was a hard rule implemented that no one can even sell the stuff second hand they got from him. I am sure karma will come back on Selman at some point. For a while he even tried to claimed Fanatic was a woman owned business ran by a Samantha Roberts. A person who I can find no record no of ever making anything. He is the pure definition of recaster.

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