Rebuilding AMT/MPC Millennium Falcon Again


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Hi guys,

Seeing all these Falcon builds all over the place including the group build over at SSM, and SMA has enspired me to revisit my own AMP/MPC build.

Soooooooo, I am going to pull it apart and rebuildt it better, correcting areas others have pointed out and areas I am not happy with.

My question is: I need for this thing to come apart without destroying any good parts I wish to use again. The glue I used is a "cyanoacrylate adhesive" I once took apart a model I was working on "Slave One" with oven cleaner, the cleaner took off the paint and the glue, but I was using different glue then. And I also didnt have scratch bits made from styrene on that one.

Will oven cleaner hurt the styrene? will it work on the glue? anyone got other suggestions?

I would realy like to be able to get off some of the finer detail. If not I will start from scratch. Here is what detail I am working with.




Thanks in adavance

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Re: Deconstructing My Falcon

How good are the CA glue joints? If a lot of glue was used, it might be a problem. Oven cleaner I don't believe will attack the styrene, but it likely won't do much to the CA glue either. You could try CA glue remover, but seeing as how this model was built over a year ago, I don't think the remover would work as it only best works with freshly applied CA that hasn't fully cured.

One trick you might try would be to freeze the model. This can make the glue joints more brittle and easy to pop apart. CA glue is typically strong in one direction. Give the part a good side knock and sometimes you can break the joint. Be aware though you could be in for a fight on your hands as if this was glue VERY well, it may not want to come apart so easily.
Re: Deconstructing My Falcon

My recommendation would be to start with a new kit. Taking this apart now seems like a lot of work.

And why? This was looking pretty good to me. Paint it as is and consider it practice for the next one.
Re: Deconstructing My Falcon

Hi Ozzy, which sections are you going to re-work? Maybe take a flathead screwdriver and hammer to it but protect the part with some tissue paper. I used CA on my Falcon too and have had to break the hull apart several times using a chisel blade and a small hammer working in small sections at a time. The fastest way for me was using something oval shaped, twisting it between the overhangs using short sudden movements.

But as the others have mentioned that's too nice a Falcon to rip apart!
Re: Deconstructing My Falcon

Hi guys,

Thanks for the advice.

I will still go ahead with the de-construction, as my main objectives are to:

1/Make the engine deck one removable piece, for wiring access etc & detail.
2/The docking rings 3 pieces. Should fit over original AMT without cutting.
3/Side walls, mandible walls seperate pieces (larger parts like Wankel engine seperate from main finer detail.
4/Resized cockpit tube and canopy 2 piece and able to be placed over the original AMT piece.
5/ Sand down the tubing details on main hull and replace with copper piping (Or just gaged wire)

To do this I need 2 kits, and a head start with the stuff I think is correct on the first falcon. Other wise the way I build, it will be another 5 years before I get anywere.

I will stick it in a plastic bag with oven cleaner today and leave it in there for a few days, to see what happens. Alternatively i have contacted a friend who is an industrial chemist (used to be planning manager at battersea power station till it closed). If he dont know what to use then no one will.

Thanks again

Re: Deconstructing My Falcon

If you use oven cleaner check it daily at least. It may affect the plastic with prolonged exposure, but it will remove the paint long before that. Things like acetone will remove the CA well enough, but they'll melt the plastic too. Try Z-7 Debonder, it was made for use on plastic kits.
Re: Reconstructing my now Deconstructed Falcon.

All pulled apart now.

I am going through what is usable and what I wish to rebuild better. Its not going to 100% accurate as I will have build most by scratching it but it will be closer than my first attempt.

The wankel engine is the first I am going to work on as it is the most identifiable part on the ship.

Heres a few pics of the deconstructed falcon, and the parts box.



I have started on the Wankel engine and sorting the parts I will most likely use again. I know I have the 10a Rotary engine part the right size, so its from this I will scale everything else.

Bits and pieces (Lost a few small bits in the sink when washing it, ohh well)

Some parts wrong size,


Its going to be long process, but I think it will be worth the long hall.

Re: Deconstructing My Falcon

"What a piece of JUNK!"

Come on, SOMEBODY had to say it. ;) I am glad the disassembly process went more trouble free than I was fearing it would.
Re: Deconstructing My Falcon

"She'll make point five past lightspeed. She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. I've made a lot of special modifications myself. "

I look forward to checking out updates to your project.

One day I might try to build one.

"What a piece of JUNK!"

Come on, SOMEBODY had to say it. ;) I am glad the disassembly process went more trouble free than I was fearing it would.
Re: Deconstructing My Falcon

Ozzy, what is this!!!??? What happened to the ANH Falcon that inspired thousands??? :) No, I'm sure you can bring her back to life. And great job on that engine!
Tsophika, its called "Easy off Oven" its an Australian brand so may not be available were you are. It wasnt that good anyway, as I had to spray it three times. I am still getting paint and glue parts.

CJ, I did consider your offer in PM, but I was so unhappy with the falcon I would have been embarrassed for anyone to have it. And I have made some progress on the larger Wankel, but I wont show pics till I am happy with it. Its harder making it larger than smaller for some reason.

Scratchy! may need some advice on small scale scratching and casting. Am looking at casting some bits that repeat over the ship. I purchased a small kit for casting, but it works by weight not volume, is this normal?

Thanks for looking guys.
Easy Off is a pretty common brand internationally. The current stuff as I recall is a bit dilluted from what it used to be as that stuff can be pretty nasty (since it has lye in it to break up stuff in the oven).

Don't doubt yourself Ozzy. As model builders, we are our own worst critics. I've done stuff that I thought was crap when others have said it was the greatest thing they had ever seen. The trickiest bit is deciding when one has done enough as opposed to too much. I'm sure you will end up doing a good job.
Glad to see you at it agiain my friend!
Haven't started mine yet, So I will be following your build with much interest!!

If you do end up casting your parts, Im In mate!!
If you do end up casting your parts, Im In mate!!

This time for sure. It will be no were near the quality of other kits being produced by other TRF members, as I am just a backyard glue snifer, but I will do the best I can, so we can see more 5 foot versions out there.

One thing I have noticed about forums like this. People take a project that is cast and they make there adjustments and improvements. If I can get it started, and people share what they can improve on what I do, there should be some amazing AMT falcons built.

Thats the dream!! and maybe I am dreaming, but I will give it a crack. Need your imput bud!!.

JMChladek thanks for the encouragement. I have followed many of your threads, love ya work.

Thanks clactonite.

I have made the second half of the Wankel engine, and made sure it fits on the AMT shell, will upload pics tonight if I get a chance. Next I will pic through the good and the bad parts from each side wall.

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