'Rebels' article mentions ANH lightsaber prop design

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    I'm not sure if this has been posted here before, but I stumbled upon this interesting video/article about the lightsaber effects in the Rebels TV show:


    The video shows how they've attempted to replicate the vibe of the original lightsaber look in the new animation. And apparently, one of the guys who works on the show got to hold an actual ANH lightsaber prop, spinning blade and all. Very cool.

    "Ben Burtt, the longtime Oscar-winning sound designer on the Star Wars films, still had one of the lightsabers used in the classic '77 film. What it is is a rod that's wrapped with a reflective tape, and the rod actually spins," Filoni explains. "If you look at the old movies, in the original VFX tests you'll see there are actually wires that came out the bottom of the lightsabers. Those wires powered the motor and made the rod spin."

    The blade feels like it's wobbling and it doesn't boast an end with a perfect point, but the fact that it shakes a little matches the sound design really well, according to Filoni. "You get that vibrating hum sound that it's so famous for," he says, "and when you see it synced up to this moving, flickering lightsaber blade that flashes every now and then, you're like, 'Oh, wow.' "

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    Thanks for posting ... interesting to know Ben Burtt still has an original lightsaber :)

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    And I thought I had screwed up because my replica ANH stunt vibrates wildly!

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    Wow, I didn't even know people built replicas of the original "rotating pole" props, but that sounds awesome.

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