Rebel Without A Death Star: "Rebels" Vader by CSMacLaren & Bookface

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    For some reason, 1978 produced only a "Thank God It's Friday" song but never made a follow up release to make our Mondays feel better. Hopefully this will put a smile on everyone's faces!

    I first posted initial stage work on the "Rebels Vader" on 501stSithLords about two months ago, and thought I'd share it with fellow RPFers. I'm wrapping up changes with the mask and now getting ready for the helmet/dome itself! Looking back at this project, I originally didn't take this design seriously. Since seeing The Clone Wars series, I get that a reduced polygon model would be hard to accept as real, so it's best to exaggerate the style in order to achieve suspension of disbelief. As one who has sculpted a bit too many Darth Vader helmets of the OT (and one of the Prequels), the "Rebels" Vader looked to me like a kidified, bastardized design I couldn't take seriously.


    But two things stood out: people's observation of its similarity to Ralph McQuarrie's concept Vader helmet as offered by eFX, and the raw emotion - the menace and meanness of the character. The more I studied it, the more I came to appreciate the design. Because it's so exaggerated, it's easy for me to settle for a generic appearance and still call it a "Rebels Vader". However, when it comes to Vader, "casual' is not a word people use to describe my approach to realizing a sculpture or helmet. In this case, I saw how much James Earl Jones' voice brought the LFL 3D model to life, and as with my work, I want to capture the presence and emotion of the character.

    This is a different medium for me, but a lot of the same disciplines of observation, study, modeling, scrutinize - and repeat ad nauseam - is a process I've been very acquainted with over the last 9 years entrenched in Vader.

    As of this weekend, I became pretty confident that the emotion of the character is coming across in this 3D sculpt to where I felt confident sharing it. Hope ya'll likey!

    Whereas the eFX was a beautiful helmet, the face was massive compared with a ROTS or OT helmet. While the Stat Wars Rebels Vader design sports a longer face, my helmet is designed with wearability in mind, so its fit will approximate that of an OT helmet. And if needed, I can craft armor that has a very good symbiosis with the helmet, the same way the bookface armor works so well with my Quasimodo helmet.

    So... happy Monday! Enjoy the pic. Now, off to work... I owe... I owe... :)

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    Re: Rebel Without A Death Star: "Rebels" Vader by CSMacLaren & Bookface

    You rock !!!!

    Can't wait to see your print !! (y)D
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    Re: Rebel Without A Death Star: "Rebels" Vader by CSMacLaren & Bookface

    Fantastic!!! Loving it so far. :)

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    Re: Rebel Without A Death Star: "Rebels" Vader by CSMacLaren & Bookface

    Fantastic, thanks for sharing.
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    Great great great!
    You guys are artists!

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