Rebel Fleet Trooper helmet - free Pepakura file


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I've been building several of these from plans I've downloaded, some free and one purchased, but I've wanted to build one that I designed myself from scratch. So here it is. All my own work, but free for anyone to build or adapt as they wish.

The mesh is made with Blender and exported to Pepakura as an obj. The unfold is by me and should be a pretty easy build. It's on A4, but the pdo is unlocked if anyone wants to change it to Letter. I've tried to get a compromise between too many facets for easy building and too few requiring lots of filler.

The helmet is slightly smaller than the screen-used ones, but it's more wearable for being smaller. The real Navy Talker is massive.

I've checked lots of screen caps and noticed there is huge variation in the way the helmet is trimmed near the temples, so have gone for something I feel captures the overall look. There are no details on the comms box as I find these easier to add after fibreglassing.

Well, here it is for what it's worth. I'd be keen to see any that might get built. The link is below the pictures. All the best!


Rebel Helmet Swoop and Comm Box.pdo - - online file sharing and storage - download

By the way - has anyone else tried to right-click and rotate pep pictures in posts on the forum? :rolleyes


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Hmmm, well it's been a while since it was last downloaded and the free files go off line then. Thanks for pointing it out...

I'll re-upload it when I get home from work.


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do you just print the file out and printer separates everything or do i need to load it into pepakura ?