reaton89's 2015 Jun-Jul Sculpture Contest Entry


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I started this sculpture in mid-June when I read the rumors about dead Robin in the new DCCU. Then the new BvS trailer revealed exactly that. This was a side project, until a very friendly member suggested I enter this contest. I thought "Robin's Last Grin" would be a good piece to submit.

The idea is that the iconic version/look of Robin is about to be ambushed & killed by Joker. He is older, mid-twenties or so. He's fearless, reckless, and he'd rather kill (or be killed by) the Joker than detain him, despite Batman's only rule. When he sees the Joker for his last fight, all he does is smile. These pics are over the course of 2-3 weeks. I'll post at least a couple more before the deadline. Good luck to everyone else participating!



Still tweaking a few things...

I'm doing this in oil-based clay. I have a few years of experience, focussing primarily on sculpture.
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I would've edited my last post, but didn't want it to seem like I posted pictures a day late.

Wish I had a few more hours to cIean up some of the edges, but I had a personal issue come up yesterday and had to shift priorities. Oh well. I'm still happy with the outcome!

I only used a few pictures for reference. Classic Robin, James Dean, and young Clint Eastwood. Everything else, I made up as I was sculpting. Had a lot more fun with this than I expected. I'll definitely be looking out for the next 1!

IMG_7336.JPG IMG_7404.JPG IMG_7342.JPG

Here's 1 with the flash on

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Really like this, @reaton89! Looks like a comic book, come to life. Pretty sweet!

Thank you. Glad you noticed the comic vibe. At first I wanted to texture everything and go for realism, but I was late to the game and simply didn't have time. So I compromised by using the natural form, but the surface is stylized. Sort of like the plastic family in the duracell battery commercials.


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