really stupid question about fibreglass tissue and safety because I'm panicking

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    so I'm currently trying to build an Iron Man Mark III chest piece and so far I've tried avoiding as many health hazards as possible. I use Jesmonite instead of normal resin since it doesn't develop any of the harmful fumes etc. and today I got to the part where I wanted to try and get my fibreglass tissue on the inside of the coated chest piece. Since I only work with the Jesmonite, I just have a normal dust mask and some goggles and gloves. When I cut my fibreglass tissue at first, I was wearing the mask and gloves, not sure about the goggles, but maybe. However, when I then worked with it, I removed them since I found them disturbing and thought it was no longer necessary. I didn't see any warning signs or instructions for precautions on the fibreglass tissue package, so assumed that it would be fine (I'm using this one: click). A bit later I found a need to cut some of the fibreglass tissue pieces a bit smaller and then just did so while I was only wearing the gloves, no mask or goggles. Now I just looked it up a bit and am reading that fibreglass dust is a real hazard and I'm panicking a bit now. How bad is this? My hands have been itching a bit since I did this but now I'm also feeling that a bit on my face and chest, even though I was wearing a jacket that was zipped high up and I was outdoors. Does somebody know how bad this is and if there's something I should or could do now?
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    Fiberglass will make you itch no matter what. The real risk is if you inhale a large quantity of the dust. In that case you would be going to the hospital. From what I am reading you are having a normal reaction to the fiberglass. Just bathe normally and the irritation should go away in a day or 2. If you start seeing a bad reaction, IE open wounds or the likes then go to the doctor. I hung all the fiberglass insulation in my house when I renovated. I also have done a lot of fiberglass work while working on cars, Let me tell you, mask, gloves, or whatever you are going to itch. After the first day I just made sure to wear safety goggles, gloves and a mask. If I was going to be grinding on the fiberglass and creating fine particles I wore a professional shop mask. For the house insulation I just wore a regular paper mask. Any time I work with fiberglass other than insulation I wear a body shop mask with filters that I change every hour or 2 depending on the level of dust I create.

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