Suggestion REALLY large images uploaded in threads. Do we need that?


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Hey folks,

although I live in the center of Europe with a fairly good infrastructure I feel annoyed when I open a thread and despite a 16K-landline I have to wait for an image to load. Doubting that my connection is so slow that I have to wait 30 seconds or more to open an image I checked the file size and lo and behold, the JPEG file was 11,1 MB large. Okay, I understand that reference pics should be as large as possible, but just to show something off it is way too large. I understand the urge to upload an image as fast as possible if it looks to be of interest to the community. But snapping it with my phone or camera and instantly uploading it without resizing it is kind of hasty and overzealous.

I absolutely hate it when people send emails with files attached that are larger than 5 MB, and I consider that size as already too big. So why not show a little courtesy and resize your images? Please be considerate.


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I agree.

I have to deal with this in my RL day job -all the time-. (Even though all clients are supposed to edit images before including them in content!)

Perhaps a plug in for the forum can be found or created. (should be THAT difficult)

Thats make a smaller res 'copy' to add to the body/message content.. with a LINK to the 'real' asset/document/image..


thats brings up the questions: does the forum 'upload/save' locally? or as all images required to be linked from outside hosting platforms? I always link from my own I dont recall off hand?)

* attached files are locally saved (eats up the forums space over time I'm sure)
* images -can- be uploaded/saved locally too

I would image something can be done... they seem to have a competent staff that does the forum/software updates.

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