REALLY Fine Molds....REALLY!


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Clearly they've run out of fun ships to produce and are just filling boxes by revisiting old designs. Everything else in the Star Wars universe has been tackled. Try this... again... but smaller.

Sluis Van Shipyards

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It's because TPM is in the theater right now. It's the ship that was used in all the advertising so it makes sense. Do I want one though? No.

Hopefully when AOTC come out we get a Republic Gunship. Most likely we will get a reissued Jedi Starfighter...


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A sad design of a model, from a sadly designed, sad film, that i still to this day try to burn away the images in my head.
Surely the chief whip at FM realises a walker, or scaled ISD would work.



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There is always going to be some market, sure enough. But for me, there's a whole range of subjects that I don't even want, but I'd want them before the Naboo fighter.