Real Working Replica of Jayne's Lematt based Gun from Firefly

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I was looking to get my Lematt converted to a cartridge and found this guy:,38759.0.html,39580.0.html

I think the replica looks pretty accurate but I didn’t follow this prop too closely.

The cost for the conversion is way way more then I want to pay :(

but I thought others might want to know about this.

If you're interested in this but don't have a Lematt I might be selling mine. Even though the price for this conversion is too high for me I'm still thinking about it getting it done.
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Thats very cool, thanks for posting this. But looking through that thread I see this?!!??!?!?!?!

"The bottom gun is one of the actual prop guns. We didn't get the prop gun until our copy was almost done. It got hung up in the UK where the authorities did a butcher job on it by welding a rod in the barrel, milling a slot down the bottom of the barrel, gutting the cylinder and then welding the whole thing into one piece. And the gun was not even a firing gun in the first place"

Tell me it aint so?????
Yes, he re-told that story to me when we talked yesterday.

I also got firm numbers on the total cost of the full Fire Fly Conversion.

$1600 and you supply the Lematt

I also found out that they did not make many Lematts, mine is number 56
Knowing that I decided to hold onto my gun and pass on the conversion process.

The main reason was that I don’t want to tear up a gun manufactured in such low numbers.

The other reason is that to reload the gun you basically have to disassemble it and you have find the right kind of ammo or have custom ammo made.
Hey guys?
That's MY live-firing Boo as well as my screen-used that I posted about over in the Screen-used thread a month or so ago.

Boo 2 is a lot of fun to shoot, btw.
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