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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Jeeves, Jul 4, 2006.

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    Hi folks,

    It's been ages since I posted any prop progress threads...primarily since I haven't been doing much in the way of building. Recently, though, I was lucky enough to score a SD pulse rifle setup from a fellow RPF-er. The kit itself was in pretty good condition, but most of the "real steel" internal components were missing. SO, this will be a ground up rebuild of a "functioning" pulse rifle.

    One thing I have to say up front - the SD receiver is an amazing piece of work. Mine was painted on the inside, and as I mentioned, fitted with non-real steel parts. When I stripped out all of the guts, and replaced them with the thompson bolt group and grip frame, they wouldn't fit... :( Why??? Because the paint on the internal surfaces of the receiver made the tolerances too tight.... That's an insane level of engineering, and I tip my hat to whoever was involved with that. I worked the parts in for this "test fit" - but plan on stripping the receiver soon.

    Although the SD base is really a great start, I have a strong feeling that this is going to end up being a MATSUO PR by the time it's done. I've already gotten his new grip (which is FANTASTIC) - it looks great, and is a huge improvement ergonomically speaking. It's cast in his special black resin, so there's no worries about paint wearing. I recommend this affordable part as an upgrade to anyone's PR.

    I got lucky as all get out, and got Matt's LAST Thompson grip frame as well - all bead blasted and cleaned up - it's flat out sexy. You can tell this guy loves his gun parts. Anyone who has been looking for M1 or M1a1 parts knows that most of this stuff is getting expensive, and hard to find. In addition to the grip frame and grip, Matt hooked me up with some other mechanical bits for the gun, AND I'll soon be getting his full shroud set - in black. Perhaps if he sees this thread, he'll fill you in on the details.

    Enough jabbering - here's the initial test fit - SD receiver, Thompson M1 internals, M1a1 grip frame and grip by Matsuo, SD stock and vent, SPAS cage and pump, and deact Remington 870. Hubba hubba.

    The MAG is a Tokyo Marui - soon to be replaced with a Thompson 20 rounder, and the mag base is SD.

    Vera who?? :)

    Dig that Sexay grip frame and grip. -Thanks Matt.

    Finally - if anyone here has built one of these from the ground up - please post. I've got a lot of mechanical things to do - this is just a test fit. I'd like to take advantage of your experience before drilling and tapping. I've got to figure out a solid way to mount the SPAS / Remington, and I have to get the pump attached to the remington for the rack action, AND I have to work on the electronics...and that's just the start of it.

    Thanks for reading,
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    Wow. The word "drooling" applies.
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  4. OdiWan72

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    looking great so far :):thumbsup

    I have a very similar setup and my PR looks pretty much identical to yours right now :lol

    - TM M1A1
    - Real Spas cage and pump
    - Real deac. 870
    - Matts steel vent and stock
    - SD´s metal upgrade parts
    - Matt´s shroud
    - HD electronics

    What I´d like to know is if you make your stock adjustable or fix it in one position? In addition to that...can you show how exactly you cut the trigger guard on the 870?

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    :eek STUNNING :eek
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    That's looking good, and you can't beat Matsucorp parts.
  7. Dean O

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    Awesome. While I'm fond of the 10-hole barrel vent. I love Matt's stock. Looks perfect. Makes me want to go back and redo mine.
  8. turok96

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    I like the bare look of the components rather then the full complete PR. Nice, keep up the great work.. :)
  9. Got Maul

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    awesome job man . Quick question, what did you do to the shotgun to have it officially deactivated ?

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