Real Steel Boxing match ticket


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I watched real steel this week and loved it and saw many props that i wanted and whilst searching for screen shots etc for props to replicate came across actual tickets used in the movie on Google images

So with the help of paint (I dont have photoshop even if I didnt I wouldnt be able to use it) But I designed this for there it ie end fight of Atom Vs. Zeus what do you guys think?
If someone can edit it to make it look better be my guest
here it is:
I remade the original ticket, but I couldn't find the right picture for Zeus so I included a version without Zeus, and an empty version for other fights.
Chris27989, really well done, and with only paint! If you'd like to use something else, there's a free program called paint.NET that's really useful and has a lot of the same features as Photoshop.

Love it Davy!! the blank one you've made could be manipulated also into the handlers Id used in the film for the robot handlers!!
Superb I have to take a look at paint.NET as paint is a killer any work!
Looks awesome davy was that on
I downloaded and its much better then paint like u said just trying to get to grips with it
If you don't mind my asking which font did you use for the small writing right at the top of the poster? cannot find it anywhere

I used VTC supermarket sale (i used it for vs, king of the ring and people's champion as well). It's not completely accurate, but it was the closest free font i could find.
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