Real size Book of Monsters from Lego Nexo Knights


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I'm a big Lego fan (as many of you probably are too), and I realy like misterious books, and for a very long time I wanted to get the BOOKS of EVIL from a Lego set called "Nexo Knights". Since I live in south america, Amazon, ebay and similar services don't quite work so I never got the chance to find the actual toys (since they came out about 5 years ago). So I decided to build my own, much bigger version, and add to my colection of "Evil Books That came from Cartoons and Toys".

This time I didn't really took many photos, but I did put together a couple of videos relating my MANY misadventures, most of them related to sculpey...

Here are the orignial toys:


I wanted to make 2 of them...

The Book of Monsters:

And the Book of Chaos:

And here are the two videos I compiled with the process:

Part 1: The Book of Monsters

Part 2: The Book of Chaos


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