Real returning Glaive from the movie Krull.


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Hi Everyone,
I recently built a real returning Glaive. I build returning boomerangs for a living and recently built the Glaive from the movie Krull. It can be thrown and returns to the thrower. The blades of course are not sharp so the thrower can safely catch it. It is made completley out of 10 ply 5mm aircraft finish birch. This is a video of it's flight.
004.JPG 002.JPG
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Thanks, when people ask me in person what I do for a living and I say "build boomerangs" they look at me with 3 heads. Many people thought they were a myth lol.


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That is great! What a great combination of prop and functional boomerang. Plus the joy of not cutting all your fingers off everytime you catch the glaive! Well done!


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Thanks, much appreciated. Hey I also posted a real returning Gale boomerang from Zelda, and the Hell's retriever from Black ops and Sokka's boomerang from Avatar but I don't see them anywhere on here or on my profile or site. I'm new here of course and having a hard time navigating. Where do I go on my profile to see everything I added? thanks


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Very nice build! Love the video!
Had a look at your site and didn't find the Glaive for sale...
Awesome! :thumbsup
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