real or artificial hair?


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hey guys,
i guess we all agree that the right haircut and -color can hugely influence the perfect look of a costume. to name two examples, lex luther with hair is just a guy wearing a suit (the real look would be a bald guy wearing a suit, but that's another story), and a blonde wonderwoman would be like having sex with your cousin, it looks okay, but you know it's wrong :lol

but to get to my question, what really interests me is what do you do with your hair (facial hair included), and where does your love for a perfect costume end? do you prefer to grow your hair and/or dye it, or do you just wear a wig? or don't you do anything and let your hair as it is though it means that your look isn't 100% accurate?

i come up with this question because of two costumes i wore during carnival. one year the topic was "Rock'n'Roll", and i had some Elvis-like sideburns, another year the topic was "Christmas" and i had a full beard colored white, and for both i had to grow my beard for several weeks and months. back then i could do that, as i was a student, but what do people with a job do where they can't run around as they want to? :lol
Well for my "civilian" Wolverine (from the first X-Men film), I grew my hair out for that Logan hairstyle.

However I couldn't grow his sideburns (my beard has some bald spots), so I went with costume sideburns.

The sideburns I bought were black, but my natural haircolour is brown. So I dyed my hair black to match the sideburns:


That was back in 2006 and my first and last time using my own hair for a costume.

It was just a little too much work. I usually have my hair very short and facially clean shaven, so from then on I went with a wig or costume mustache for costumes that required it.

I've done Rambo, Recondo, and Billy from Predator.

Just depends on the costume really. I can cut and style my hair like TOS Kirk pretty easily (don't ask me why my natural hair makes a pretty good toupee), but when doing TDK Joker, I sure as heck wasn't going grow my hair out for 6 months for one or two nights of Halloween. I really don't mind certain types of hair color... as I like to change mine every so often. But I'm not going to permanently dye my hair green either. It’s also unlikely that I’d shave my head bald. I’ll cut it really short… but I’m not going bald. Basically, if it's something I can get away with in my everyday life, I'll go natural. If not, then it's time for a wig.

As for growing a beard... forget it. The longest I've gone without shaving is a week and it drove me nuts. It's also a pain in the butt at work and I don't think it's very attractive on me.
I normally rock a goatee, but have shaved it off for my Joker and Norman (Mrs.) Bates costumes. Luckily, it only takes me about a month to grow it back.

This year it will peek out a bit from my Leatherface mask, but what the heck.
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