Real metal Skyrim daggers! (Orcish dagger, iron dagger, and Blade of Woe)


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I've been working on a few skyrim weapons lately, and here's the two that I've made so far. They're all completely steel and have real fur and leather for the handles. Tell me what you guys think!

3 view.jpg
Iron Dagger.png
Apologies on the photography on the last one, I haven't found the time to take some better pictures. If you want to see more theres some on my instagram!
Very cool! I love the Orc dagger!

I've been working on and off on the mehrune's razor and the ebony dagger for a while. Hoping to have them finished up sometime this year.

Those are beautiful man!

I really like these, especially the iron dagger! If you don't mind my asking, how exactly did you make these, did you smith them or machine them or something else?
Once again, really nice looking (and I love the use of real materials in them). What did you use for plans if any and do you have a lead on any scale drawings?
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