Re: Spiderman costume and face plate assistance (newbie here)


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Hello - i'm very new to costumes and the world of cosplay, though i've been a huge comic book fan and have always admired the art and skill of costume/prop making/dressing and character embodiment!

I recently got a spiderman costume (as I didn't have the skill to make one) but it didn't come with eye lenses or a faceplate. I'm a big fan for the bigger white lens classic spiderman - so after some research I found that you can buy a faceplate with magnetic eyes - but by goodness they are expensive.

By chance does anyone have any tips on where to buy one second hand?

Or possibly - can I make something like this? I bought a toy mask to wear under the fabric of the mask - if I made some lenses - would fabric glue be ok to secure possible lenses to the mask?

Apologies to all who may get asked this alot - but i'm a newbie, and would love the assistance of very passionate costumers :)

Thankyou for any possible assistance!


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I would say, from experience, to buy a plain spider-man mask that you can find in target or walmart, specifically iron spider being that it doesn't have any webbing on the mask itself, and buy some rare-earth magnets from amazon, and buy some lenses from tjack. Attach magnets to the iron spider-mask and the lenses. Hope this helps.


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If you look at my suit progress, I used the toy mask method for my faceshell. Check it out if you wanna see how it turned out. :)
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