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Hello guys, I'm new in the forum and would like to give a greeting to all. I am Italian and I was a little difficult to write in English, if it is not a problem I would like to write in Italian. However, I create a lot of replicas to my house as the projects you work for a year ... the armor of Iron Man Mark 5, but with a nice surprise: CONVERTIBLE , I miss my legs and ended while i show you my progress :)
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Re: New member,new costume prop

Thanks :) there a new update: the second piece of the thigh and I modified the helmet by changing the eyes.
Re: New member,new costume prop UPDATE! Test Suit Mark 5

At last i complete all the pices of the armor, and now i can show you my IRON MAN MARK 5 suit test :D i work the details and than the paint. For now i show to you my progress! :cool
Hei guys after long time i finish all plastic piece, now i gonna work on the hand and the feet. In this foto you can see a test armor, all piece plastic and CONVERTIBLE test :D tell me what you think.
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