Re-imagined Ghost trap from Ghostbusters


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I know this is not screen accurate. This was inspired by Dustin from Stranger Things, where he brings his ghost trap to his teacher with a polywog inside, and it starts to rattle. He tells the teacher that he put a servo in there to simulate a ghost.

My trap is an 'occupied' trap. When you push the button- because of course you're going to push the big yellow button- the front starts flashing warning and it starts to rock as the ghost tries to come out. Both doors then open as the containment field becomes in-active.

Just a fun project to distract me. Hope you like it. I designed everything myself in Fusion360, and programmed the Arduino from scratch. If you want the files just let me know and I'll send them to you.

Incase the video doesn't load: New video by Jason Khurdan

Hope you enjoy. This is one of those toys that 'plays itself', and hoping ppl enjoy the surprise.
Polywog and Demidog not included


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