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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Rick H, Mar 18, 2012.

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    I found 2 Enterprise kits on consignment in a hobby store.

    #1 Polar Lights Enterprise TOS model # 4204 Size is 1:350
    Fine print on box lists it as 2005 RC2 brand and 2005 studio rights

    #2 Polar Lights NX-01 model # 4201 1:350
    Fine print on box. 2004 Playing Mantis. 2004 studio rights

    I have found plenty of info on modifying these kits (reviews from 2006) but not much info on what they are worth (cost ) today. Also are the 2005, and 2004 dates the actual manufacture dates? And if these are the kits that everyone is adding lights, etc.
    Thanks for your time and any info that can be provided.
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    Those are indeed the kits that everyone is putting lights into, and those dates appear to be relatively accurate.

    As to the cost, it varies. I've seen the NX-01 go for a lot, and as low as $30 (check around on eBay, search under "previously sold" as an option, to see what other people have sold theirs for). The NX-01 isn't too rare, except for the chase color which was either white or beige.

    The TOS Enterprise PL did was 1:1000. The "refit" Enterprise, featured in the TOS movies was 1:350 and has since been re-released by RC2 with better decals and metal post for the stand. Both the PL and RC2 kits are outstanding (IMHO), and can be had for under $70 if you look hard enough.

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