Raven costume from Teen Titans. On a Budget (Pic-Heavy)


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So my sister and I are going to WonderCon this April. I'll be Spider-Man, and surprisingly, my sister wanted to dress up as well.
She told me to make her a Raven costume from Teen Titans. Although she's dressing from a different universe and we probably shouldn't hang out together (half kidding), I'm pleased that she wants to dress up. It'll be fun!
I've been working on it for a little over a week now and am pretty much finished. Just a few final touches to go.

Here's what we're going for:
Raven Teen Titans.jpg
And, here's where we're at (Almost finished):
Almost done 2.jpg

The process:

I bought some black boots from the thrift store, cut them down to just above the ankle and painted them purple (Dioxazine Purple Acrylic Paint) with a top layer of high-gloss Acrylic
boots.jpgpurple boots.jpg

For the belt and brooch, I used red plastic Christmas ornaments that I cut in half and fit them into brass fittings from a vanity light fixture I had lying around the house. I had to cut the brass fittings to make them thinner since they were originally about 2 inches deep. First pic is before I cut and fit them, second picture is after. The belt is some gaudy thing I found at the thrift store for $2--gaudy but perfect.

Belt 1.jpgBelt 2.jpg

I sewed the cowl/hood from leftover Magneto fabric. Nice purple knit, then I went to the store and bought more to make the cape.
Hood.jpgBrooch and hood.jpg

Here I am modelling the cape/cowl/cloak for you. I ran a piece of wire through the hood so I could shape it better for the peak/point in the front.


Yesterday, I took an old Men's Large turtleneck and turned it into a long-sleeve turtleneck leotard. This morning, my sis came over for a fitting and so I could finish the sleeves.
She's wearing black tights, but in the final one she will be wearing the light-gray tights. This was just a test run :)
Almost done.jpgAlmost done 2.jpg

Here are the jewels for the hands and the forehead jewel. I put them on this morning, but don't have photos of them in place yet. I'll save those for the final fitting.
For the hand jewels, I found some gold buttons at the craft store, painted the centers of them red. Then, I took some plastic gems, scraped the metallic backing from them and replaced the backing with tinfoil. I Red-sharpied the surfaces and glued them to the gold buttons. Similar process for the forehead gem, except I just sharpied it and painted the back purple to give it a deep red look.

I'll throw up some final pics some time this week. Also, once we go to WonderCon, I'll update with pics from there.

Hope you all like it. This is now my third budget costume and I think this one takes the cake: $30

feel free to comment, question or critique!
Have her dye her hair a few days before the con and not on the day, this will make sure the dyes taken properly and also time for any dyed skin to clear.
Good idea. I'll see if I can talk her into it. I think she can get away with rocking the purple hair for longer ;)
Do you know of any good temporary dyes? I've read good and bad about most brands. She's blonde so it should take well (hopefully).
I think we chatted at wondercon at the Image booth. Do you remember asking a fellow Spidey some questions?!?

ahh yes! I remember chatting with you about your costume and a brief exchange of how each of us made ours. How'd the rest of the con go for you? Nice to meet a fellow RPF member in person!

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Awesome! The hair dye worked well :)

thanks! We actually decided to go with a wig at the last second. I couldn't get her to perma-dye her hair and I was afraid anything temporary would just rub off into the cloak :)
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