Raven Bar Johnnie Walker Black Raiders Bottle

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An original 1930s Johnnie Walker bottle with reproduction gold labels and a period cork stopper. Just attach the labels with double sided tape, add whisky and you're ready to knock out a Nazi thug in a Nepal bar. Build thread and research are here. The bottle has been mechanically cleaned with steel BBs, rubbing alcohol and hot water rinsed.

Below (2nd image) is an identical bottle in my collection with labels positioned in their period vintage original locations. You may wish to position yours in the screen accurate manner (see screen cap) so have left them off.

Period US market bottles have Federal markings on them that are unlikely to have been available to a UK-based props and production team. The Federal markings also do not seem to appear in the screen cap at least to me (refer to research thread above for more detail).

The labels are aged on the reverse side so that when viewed through the bottle they look like vintage originals. This particular bottle comes from one of the Rothschild estates in England.

£130. Shipping is £8 within the UK and at cost for other destinations.

screen walker.jpeg







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