Ratchet & Clank


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Hey can anyone do the captain quark logo for me ive been dying to put thi son one of my green t-shirts


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You could try Inkscape - Free vector program :D Trace the lines with it and make the fills. There are heaps of tutorials on youtube.

This one covers the faded color effect, and shows you pretty much all you will need to know on how to use inkscape How to Use Inkscape to Design a Logo - YouTube ;)

Also , Inkscape can be found here : Inkscape. Draw Freely.

BTW I love Ratchet & Clank!! :D :D :D

/// Also, i decided to give you the tools and information on how to do the logo - Its more useful if you know how for future projects! Just jump in and play around :p most of all have fun!!!

Tallest Jawa

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Thanks you doing this. I was feeling bad for not having time to do this myself, now I don't have to worry about it. As always you do great work.
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