Rapunzel (and Flynn)...the everlasting WIP. ( re-making bodice! )


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Hi everyone! To keep my current and fave photos at the forefront, I've decided to place them here. Enjoy!!








And this is me not caring that I'm the worst procrastinator in the history of the world and didn't finish them completely for Halloween. ( Actually, it does bother me... but at least now I have something to continue working on! )

For the record, the circle lens contacts actually made my eyes look smaller and beady. Wtf. So this photo is when I decided to go without them the second night.


Though it's mostly a male dominated board, perhaps some ladies will be interested in following. Either way, I'm making this thread anyways to update alongside Zlurpo's Flynn since I'm now ecstatic to see another Tangled fan on here!


The above is the image I choose to work my colours off of ( except the hair in the braided version...since I'm wearing this out for Halloween, it would be very, VERY tangled by the end of the night and a big fat waste of $40 ). :)

Needless to say, this project is going to be a BIG one. With a lot of hair. I purchased 4 120 inch golden blonde wigs which I started to make into a braid and then after one portion decided to change my plan of attack...so no real updates there until I re-do it the way I'm going to keep it.

It will be done, however, by making beige-blonde coloured sleeves for foam strips ( about 3-4 inches wide and about 1.75 inches thick ) and then attaching wefts around the widths in intervals. The 'sleeves' are just to cover any white that may show through the hair. I'd rather have a slightly thin layer of hair with a coloured base as opposed to a 7 lb wig ( which I've heard many girls' are ). The foam is pretty much weightless and the one tube which I wrapped in hair ( the method that was scrapped ) remains pretty close to weightless so so far, so good! I have high hopes for this ginormous wig and usually, somehow, I miraculously pull it off so here's hoping. :) I think that even if I stuck with my original plan it would've looked alright... I just want the hair to fall in the right direction.. >_>


Before........ After coming soon....

The skirt is an orchid coloured satin which I've decided to sacrifice my sanity for since I'll be hand embroidering all of the details on. It's a bit shinier than I wanted it to be, but I couldn't be happier with the colour. :love


The slip is an actual slip, which is basically the only thing I have done right now...sort of. Also changed my attack plan here and going to attach it to the actual purple skirt waistband to keep the trim in line with the bottom of the top skirt. I find as two pieces, the levels of waistbands can shift around causing too much white too show at the bottom in an uneven manner. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

I bought the crown from the Disney store, which was supposed to look like this:

Or this ( the parks version the face characters use ):

But instead looked like this:

Looks like it's made of popcorn strings, right? That's what I though, anyways. So I popped off all of the 'pearls' and replaced them with crystallized Swarovski elements and now it looks like this:


I'll be adding a couple of the pieces that are missing on the replica from the original...

The only problem I'm having here is that I'd like to replace the three large tear shaped crystals with something seethrough instead of the flatbacks glued onto the metal frame... but I have no idea how to cut through the metal frame to do this. :( They don't look TERRIBLE, but for accuracy's sake, I'd like them to be see through...

And now my favourite part...

The bodice and center panel of the skirt are going to be made with custom printed fabric. :D Designed the prints in photoshop and having them done by Spoonflower. This is also the second set I'm having shipped as the first one came out too faint and basically pink, which I got to be lilac with a light blue dye... but the pattern isn't noticeable enough for the amount of work I put into it.


These are actually the same fabric... just different flash settings.

And here are the new swatches which are on the way!!


I doubt these will print the colours I have so I'll be doing some retouching in dyes to match closer to what I'd like.

Can not WAIT to get back from Vegas and start on the bodice and finish up the skirt!

I have really high hopes for this costume and I'm going detail crazy so with the amount of work going into it, I'm sure I'll be rezzing this thread every other day. :p
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Re: Rapunzel WIP for Halloween!

Well... My wife and I watch Tangled at least once a week. It is just a great escape movie. Good luck with your transformation. I will be watching to see how it goes.
Re: Rapunzel WIP for Halloween!

I finally watched this movie for the first time yesterday. I admire that you went all out and had the fabric printed. I do not, however, envy you having to deal with all that heavy hair though. You're going to have such a headache at the end of the night! Beauty is pain though, right? ...... :\
Re: Rapunzel WIP for Halloween!

After wearing two long wigs for D*C this year, I don't envy you. Can't wait to see your final results!
Re: Rapunzel WIP for Halloween!

So the tiara is metal, nice :) Yeah, much better with the new stones around the base :D I'm not sure how thick the metal back is, but if you do manage to cut it I'd recommend leaving some long teeth behind that you can bend to fit the back of he new stones- and incidentally glue to.

Your solution to the hair reminds me of the big fake plaits used for German women at the start of the 16thC ;) There is even a fake set still around... you don't want to know what it is made of...

What fabric are you getting it printed on? I know a few people who use spoonflower and love it :)
Re: Rapunzel WIP for Halloween!

My 4yo. niece would go nuts if she saw someone in this costume. She had a Tangled birthday cake in July. I'll have to show her your pics when you get it finished.
Re: Rapunzel WIP for Halloween!

The dress fabric is not too shiny at all :)
Are you going to make a lightweight frying pan too?
Re: Rapunzel WIP for Halloween!

Hooray!! All 3 tubules for the main braid are stuffed and encased in beige semi-shiny nylon ( to cover any white that may peek through the hair ).

It falls just below the back of my knee...the wrap at the end should add a couple inches and then the loose hair at the bottom should bring it just above my ankles. I want it semi-practical and by that I mean I don't want it dragging since I'll be wearing it out to a couple bars/clubs for Halloween and the last thing I want is this beautiful creation covered in whatevers on the floor. Her braid ends a couple inches from the ground anyways so it will be close enough.

I've seen some skinny braids, some loose braids, some super chunky luxurious braids...again, I wanted something semi-practical ( 'cause let's face it, semi is as close as this thing gets ). I feel like I've got a good chunkiness going on, but nothing that will look like a walking caterpillar from the back. I have 3 wigs to take apart and use wefts from so pretty much all of my volume is coming from what you see here ( a lot of other girls have used 5+extensions! ). I planned it this way to keep it lighter by using more foam and less hair and glue. *thumbs up*

Here's a couple pics, tomorrow I go flower shopping, cover it in hair, do some mini braiding and hopefully get to decorating!! :D

This was before I double-stuffed the tubules, you can kind of see the flatness of each piece where the fold overs are:


And the width, which is just perfect for me! :D


Loving the shape so far! Can't wait to see how it turns out! More updates tomorrow!
Re: Rapunzel WIP for Halloween!

look forward to these updates. my wife and daughter will be interested to see this thread :)
Re: Rapunzel WIP for Halloween!

Got my braid covered and wrapped and what not...though during the braiding process, it came apart in CHUNKS ( the hair ) so it needs some massive TLC with patchwork wefts and flowers to hide those spots. Good thing is that it photographs pretty well, though!

The colour nylon fabric I used to wrap the foam almost just looks like highlights where it shows through. This is before all my patchwork though so those 'highlights' won't be as obvious when it's all done up.

I call this the disaster phase. When it's 'almost done' but looks terrible before I work my improvisation and 'pull it off somehow' skills to make it look wonderful.


I can definitely feel it gaining the weight now. BOOOO. Oh well. It was expected. u_u

And here's my purdy flower assortment. All from the dollar store for a whopping $15. Hoorah! I love the colours. I think they'll compliment the colours in my costume very well... once the fabric finally gets here. @_@


Seriously though, I thought I was good at wig styling. I don't know how ANY novice has tackled this project and I wish anyone in the future the best of luck 'cause it is freakin' HARD.


Random mini test...left before cleanup...right after a bit of tightening. Got 6 side bumps instead of 4...onto stage 2 of cleanup! Adding wefts and then flowers!

PS: Here's a photo of her braided hairstyle just for reference.

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Re: Rapunzel WIP for Halloween!

My daughter, who is 4, loves Rapunzel. I"m sure she will enjoy seeing your final costume. :)
Re: Rapunzel WIP for Halloween!

First Flynn now Rapunzel, very cool. After watching this movie with my little sis I am t ashamed to say I love the film. Keep up the good work and do be sure to get a good frying pan.
Re: Rapunzel WIP for Halloween!

This is looking to be one of the best Rapunzel wigs I've seen yet! Can't wait to see it when it's all done!
Re: Rapunzel WIP for Halloween!

My girlfriend would love this project :D, hope you don't mind if I keep looking at your thread as you post updates!
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