Interest Ransom Note and Window Latch from Peter Pan/Wendy's window in Hook


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It'll be a bit for pics, but it's good that things are moving again. The last hook note just sold, probably won't do another run of those for a while


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Okay we're in production and I'm going to be making a separate For Sale thread for the hook latch to clean this up! I hope to have them in your hands before the end of next month. They'll be polished metal with a bright chrome finish and will include bolts to mount them like typical cabinet handles/drawer pulls. My hope with this is that people who happen to have windows or shutters that they could work on would actually use them in their house. They could even work in the kitchen as cabinet latches. I personally have eight front facing windows that have functioning shutters, two sets per window, so I'll be installing 16 of these at my place.

I'll do preorders at $33 for a set, two for $49, or four for $75 plus shipping.
Pictures soon...ish.

hook model 2.png

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