Ranking Superhero Movies


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I am not talking about all movies that originated from comics or graphic novels like Road to Perdition or American Splendor. I am referring specifically to movies with some sort of superhero in them.

How would you rank them?

1).Iron Man
3).Dark Knight
4).Batman Begins
5).X-Man First Class (great movie and excellent job on the 60's look)
6).Iron Man 2
7). X-Men 2
8).Watchmen (not very popular movie, but I loved it)
9).The Incredible Hulk (really wish Edward Norton was in the Avengers)
10).Kick Ass
12).Superman II (prefer the Richard Donner cut)
13).Batman (Tim Burton helped Batman go from Adam West to Chris Nolan)
14).Superman Returns
16).Green Lantern
17).DareDevil (again, not many like it, but I did)
18).Batman Returns
19).Blade 2
20).Hellboy 2

What's missing? Probably most notable are the Spiderman movies. I just didnt care for them.

I've only seen Thor and Green Lantern once each, so they have the potential to move up or down after rewatching.

Some of these movies might make it on lists some consider to be the worst. What can I say, I liked them.

Lets see your lists.
Hard to rank a lot of these. For me, they tended to fall into a category of "cool, enjoyable, but not terribly noteworthy".

Probably the only two I flat-out didn't enjoy were Ghost Rider and X3. The two punisher flicks kinda never hit a good consistent pacing, but were alright.

1) Batman Begins
2) The Dark Knight
3) Iron Man
4) Iron Man 2
5) Watchmen
6) Kickass
7) Spider-Man
8) Blade
9) Superman
10) (And I say this publicly realizing that there's probably only two other people on the planet, including Ang Lee who'd agree) Hulk

Have yet to catch any of this year's super-hero movies, so there's room to maneuver.
Well for me i'd say (so far, i havent seen some of the new ones)

1).Kick ass
2).Batman begins
3).Batman dark knight
4).x men first class
6).Iron man

i guess idk they are all so good.
For the upcoming ones like Green Lantern, Captain America, and Avengers i just cant wait for those, they look great.
Superman, Hero At Large -- and that's it. Unless I want to be self serving and say Sky High (psst, but I really don't believe that)
I think that it would be difficult for me to come up with a comprehensive list. There's been so many over the years.

It's also hard because I feel many get better because they build on what had come before. It's like saying whether I prefer my current computer over... say... a Commodore 64. Well, I'm sure in 1982, the 64 was awesome... compared to today's computers, not so much. I know that's kind of glib, but in some cases it's true. You try different things and see what works and what doesn't. Today you can show more action because of improvements in technology.

Then there’s the constant changing of the comic book world. There have been so many different worlds and reboots over the years, along with so many conflicting details and stories or interpretations by artists or authors that being 100% faithful to any of them would be impossible.

Anyway, I can’t imagine anyone’s read this far… so here’s my list of favorite superhero movies:

Batman ’89- it’s not perfect… but it’s visually beautiful. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and I love seeing Jack chew up the scenery.

X-Men 2- I love what an improvement this is over the first one. The cast is great, it’s got an interesting story and you can really sympathize with these characters and their struggle.

X-Men: First Class- it could be that it’s sticking in my brain because it’s recent… and despite missing the old cast and it’s divergence from both the comics and earlier movies (though I think the divergences for the latter are negligible) I think it’s got wonderful pacing and heart. I enjoyed it as much as X2.

The Dark Knight- it’s a slightly different take on Batman… it’s a bit gritty and (at least for comic book movies) a bit more realistic. At first I was bothered that it took itself too seriously, but then realized, why do the same thing that’s come before? It’s also a lot more exciting than Begins.

Superman: The Movie- The movie is epic in the way it’s filmed. It gives us an adult look at the superhero genre for the first time. The casting is perfect.

Spiderman- This is one of the best translations from comics to screen I’ve seen. Is it perfect? No… but it’s very well done.

Spiderman 2- This one does just as well for me as the first one.

X Men- it's decent... but the pacing is a little off. There seemed to be a bit too much emphasis on Wolverine... but overall, it's still in my list of favorites.

Ironman- This one I mention just because I remember being blown away when I saw it. Unfortunately, not being much of a fan of the comics, I have not revisited this one very much to see what I think in subsequent viewings.

While I enjoyed Batman Returns it doesn’t make my list. It’s got great music and gives Bruce Wayne more depth with great chemistry with Selina Kyle. I loved Catwoman in this movie… but overall, I think it just feels more like a Burton movie than a Batman movie to me.
Unbreakable will always be in my top 3, maybe top 2 superhero movies.

Ugh. Really? Usually I love Bruce and Samuel, but I re-dubbed that movie Unbearable

I guess my faves would be Spiderman 1&2, Batman:TDK (mostly because of Heath Ledger), Superman the Movie, Iron Man, Thor, Ed Norton Hulk

But my absolute #1 still is Keaton/Nicholson Batman. I will watch it every time its on and still love Burton's approach to it to this day
1. The Avengers
2. Iron Man
3. Thor
4. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
5. Captain America: The First Avenger
6. Iron Man 2
7. Ghost Rider
8. Hulk
9. The Incredible Hulk
10. Watchmen
1. Spider-Man 2
2. Watchmen
3. Batman Begins
4. Kick-Ass
5. Captain America
6. X-Men 2
7. Daredevil
8. Iron Man
9. The Incredible Hulk
10. Thor

I'm only counting one movie per superhero, which is why TDK and the other Spider-Man movies aren't on the list!
1). Superman
2). Batman Begins
3). Hellboy
4). Unbreakable
5). Watchmen
6). Batman (1989)
7). Superman II (Parts of Donner cut + parts of theatrical cut)
2- Iron Man
3- Captain America
4- X-Men First Class
5-The Watchmen

I don't expect this to see this list to change for a long time.
I am joining the ranks of what are probably us older guys in saying:

Superman: the movie

And then there is everything else.
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