Ram-Man costume- EVA foam and leather


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Hi guys, I'm new here. Been costuming in one way or another for a long time. Really leather armor and chainmail are my thing. Recently discovered the world of EVA foam, liquid platics, etc...

Here are some pics of a Ram-Man costume from Masters of the Universe. It's kind of a mix of the old and new cartoon designs with my own spin on it. The armor is made from floor mats from Harbor Freight tools, heat gunned and hot glued to shape. The chainmail sleeves are plastic rings that snap shut that were then rub n buffed. The outer layer of the helmet is veg tanned leather to add details and stability to the foam inside. This was my first foray into this sort of build, I am happy with the results but I learned a lot and will get a little gutsier next time out.

Thanks for reading.



ram man.jpg
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