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Star Wars Ralph McQuarrie Boba Fett helmet (painted)

Sold for 200 USD
Edit: Relisting for cheaper, got car repairs!

I am selling my personal Ralph McQuarrie Boba Fett helmet, fully painted and assembled. This is a urethane casting of my own sculpt, and the build thread with finished glamor photos can be seen >here<. Full photo album with high-res images can be found >here<.

The RF is designed to be removed with a single set screw on the inside of the helmet and slots in with a pair of metal rods. The helmet will come with the RF not attached for shipping purposes.

Full disclosure, it does NOT have any interior padding, as this items only sits on a shelf for display purposes in my home (it is fully wearable for costume purposes, though!). However, this allows you to install your own interior that will fit your head. The lower half of the interior is painted black.

Asking $200 USD shipped. Payment via PayPal, claim via DM.
(I'm not utilizing the embedded PayPal form on this sale.)

US buyers only, please. I'm not shipping internationally at this time.





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