Rairae's 2012 Halloween Costume Contest Entry


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my entry pic


My costume is Operetta from Monster High. I have been cosplaying since 2005 and I recently graduated from FIDM with a fashion design degree :). I made everything but except for the belt and capris.


For the jacket I drafted my own pattern from scratch til i got the fit right. After I cut out all the pieces I drew on the spiderwebs with a fabric pen(i even hid a bust dart into one of the web lines so you cant see it), and painted on the piano keys to the cuffs. I even lined the jacket with some more white fabric so you cant see through it and did a under stitch all around on the lining for a nice clean edge.


The button up blouse pattern was drafted from scratch too and went through several fittings to get it right. I even matched the houndstooth at the side seams and princess seams as best as I could. I also hand painted the buttons white, they were a wood pine color before.


This was the first time I styled hair or a wig into a retro style and the first time i ever dyed a wig as well. I happened to have this really pretty red wig and dyed the tips black with Blick Ink and used a black sharpie for the streaks in the front. Then for the finishing touch I bobby pinned her pet spider into the wig~


The accessories were a lot of fun to make. The dice ring and earrings are made out of clay I sculpted and painted by hand. I also used sculpy for the monster high skull button on the jacket. I made the mask out of craftfoam and used a pencil to draw the spider web and went over very finely with with acrylic paint and did a gloss coating on top of it after it dried. To attach the mask I used spirit gum on my face. Then the chain was spray painted and the notes on it and belt buckle were made out of cratfoam.


The shoes were my favorite part of the whole costume. I found these 6inch stiletto platform heels on ebay. Covered the heel in foil, sculpted sculpy on top of it which took about two hours, carefully took them off and baked it. Once that was done and cooled off I reattached the heel with hot glue. Then I sectioned off all of the parts and spray painted with kryloan fusion paint and used white puffy paint for the spider web detail. Oh and I also made the spider charm on the shoelaces out of sculpy as well.


*Edit* new proof pics:


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