raimi spiderman suit soles !!!


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Thanks for the info Nik.
The result looks great, and since you've sewn it, it should be a long lasting solution.
Would be great if we could find similar shoes with red soles. I've tried finding some but no luck.


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ok, so I've been lurking in the Spiderman threads doing research for a Spidey suit for DragonCon, and I figured I'd share what little I've found so far as possible foot/sole options. Don't really know how to post pics so these will be the sale links I've come across in my searches.
The prices range from approx. $9 to $70, with most in the $30-$40 range.
I have bad ankles and arches, so I've been looking for options that will mostly dissappear inside the suit, but will still give some structure and support.

The cheapest were the cotton sole kung fu shoes. These would need to be glued/stitched inside the closed foot of the suit and an outside sole matereial glued on the bottom (I'm still searching for red textured rubber sheeting that could be glued on)
Cotton Sole Kung Fu Slippers - Kung Fu Shoes - KungFu Slippers

Cotton Sole Kung Fu Shoes - Cotton Kungfu Shoes - Cotton Kung Fu Shoes

At the top end price range were these dance shoes and the closest thing to the tuxedo loafers that TheNickFox mentioned. Both would need the heels removed and glued inside the foot with on outside sole put on.

Amazon.com: Men's Suede Jazz Oxford,4412: Shoes

Amazon.com: Plain Loafer Men's Slip-On Dance Shoe - 1" Regular Heel - Perforated Tan Leather (10): Shoes

The dance shoes would also need the lace-up section removed.

The rest range from $9 to $50 or so depending on size. These are all shoes the would probobly work best as Nikonthenet described by glueing/stitching these into the unsewn, open foot of the suit. Many of these would need the lace/zipper sections hacked out along with a large pecentage of the shoe to lower the internal profile.

Red Rubber Kung Fu Shoes - Red Canvas Kung Fu Shoes - Color Co-ordinated Kung Fu Shoes
Don't get excited. These are red canvas shoes with the traditional brownish rubber sole. Identical to the Flossy shoes.

Hy-Gens Martial Arts Shoes - Adult - Low Price of $29.77

TITLE Classic Dominator Boxing Shoes | TITLE Boxing Shoes & Socks | TITLE Boxing Women's Apparel | TITLE Boxing Apparel | TITLE Brands from Title Boxing

TITLE Lo-Top Boxing Shoes | TITLE Boxing Shoes | Boxing Shoes & Boots | Amateur Boxing Competition Apparel | Amateur Boxing from Title Boxing

Nike Lo Pro Boxing Shoe | Women's Boxing Shoes | Women's Boxing from Title Boxing

Amazon.com: Hyperflex Wetsuits Men's 3mm Access Round Toe Boot: Sports & Outdoors

Amazon.com: NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 3mm Hi Top Zipper Boot: Sports & Outdoors

Personally, I like the Title Low-top Boxing Shoes. Take off the upper 4/5s of the boot, stitch in some elastic to hold them to your foot, and the should give a very nice shape, a little structure, and a nice, clean minimal sole.
Ultimately, I will probably have to go by price and simplicity and get the red kung fu shoes. We'll see.
I still need to get a suit first.

Hope this is usefull.


This thread is old but I’d like to chime in and say that Walmart has their generic slip on dress shoes with a square toe for 25 dollars heat up the bottom of the shoe rip off the sole. And you have a nearly perfect shape for the raimi suit

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