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Hey everyone everyone I am soon going to sew a spiderman mask and possibly by a 3d printed faceshell! So before I get the faceshell i want to know the average adult male head size. Please help!


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the average size of a male head - Google Search
Average male head size

Have you measured you own ? I know you might have a smaller head because of your age, Spider-Man was only young and not an adult so his head might have been smaller

The 3D printed face shell, can you order them in different sizes ?

I don't think they do different sizes. But in the link it said the average adult male head size is 57cm mine is 56 and a half. And also i will post pictures of my progress! I am trying to find high quality spiderman sewing templates but no luck! I mean I did find one thing on eBay that was three dollars for digital files but for some reason it says that the seller can't accept payments right now! So I would really appreciate if you guys could send me links for templates if you could find them or if you can make the digital files. And if you do it would have to be made in pieces that could work for letter size paper. (The reason for that is i have a regular printer and I will have to transfer it to lycra.
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