Raimi Spider-Man Costume Picture Request (Rare Pics Needed!)


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Would anyone be able to help me? I'm looking for any picture of the blue portions of the Raimi Spider-Man suit printed onto their accompanying colored lycra. There are plenty of shots of the red pieces on their orange-heavy coral color, and I swear I used to have a shot of the blue sections on a blueish-slate colored fabric.

Can anyone help me out? If you were one of the lucky ones to buy a piece of the costume is there a chance you could flip it over so that I could see the other side, the color of the fabric itself?

I really appreciate any help you can give me.


Just after each of the movies ended, they auctioned off BIG chunks of the costume. I just need something to color match off of..and a dime-sized piece of costume makes that difficult.

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