Raiders, Raptors & Rebels ILM documentary

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by, Jul 12, 2015.

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  2. BTTFSpencer

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    I hope somebody uploads this to YouTube. I would enjoy watching it.
  3. The Terminator

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    Sounds very interesting :)
  4. Badgersbunk

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    Set the dvr, I just did. (Bad yoda voice).
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    Will need to do the same...
  6. Laspector

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    I wish, for once, they would do a show like this and not spend half the show talking about the real world applications and the things inspired by ILM and Star Wars. All that stuff is well and good, but I'd really rather it had just been all about the film making.
  7. NormanF

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    I stopped watching halfway through the show because of that and they were giving Star Wars credit for things other movies and even TV shows did first.

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    I really hate this habit of making-of shows. They'll either do this or go to a fan convention or explore merchandising or something. No one cares! (And that's from a guy who buys merchandise and goes to cons.)

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