Raiders of the Lost Ark Nazi Crate (HELP!)


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Hey folks!

I’m going to be attempting to build a 1:1 Ark Nazi Crate for a display idea but need help sourcing a stencil file! If you (or know of anyone that has the digital file for this stencil please let me know)


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Blow up that pic on a photocopying machine once you've built your crate. When you're satisfied with the scale; take a big piece of good cardboard and transfer the stencil onto it. Spray the cardboard with a few light coats of transparent mat varnish. Cut the black areas (text first and then Eagle second) put some weight on the cardboard to make sure there's a minimum of paint bleed while spraying...that's what I would do;)


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Yeah a real one would have been done like that with some stiff card or heavy paper.
A long time ago (in another life it seems:D), I worked in the train repair yard while still living in Brussels. We had those sheet metals with cut-out letters/numbers that you could use to spray the train cars and wagons...but those were sheets were expensive to make, but would last a lifetime;)

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When I was a kid (a long time ago) I had seen some stencils my dad had either from the shop he worked at or the navy yard from when he was younger.
I was told he worked on subs at Mare Island.
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