Raiders of the Lost Ark and Captain America

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    Just watched it on Blu-Ray.

    Eh... Ok. Nicely polished, well-produiced. Not as much fun as Iron Man.

    Saw enough nods to Raiders that I thought, "This just can't be me..."

    Sure enough, from IMDB (not that IMDB is the end all be all of film knowledge):

    "There are several references to Raiders of the Lost Ark, which director Joe Johnston worked on as Art Director:
    • Red Skull's consumption at the hands of the Tesseract is very similar to how the Ark of the Covenent kills the Nazis.
      [*]Cap throws a HYDRA bad guy into a fighter plane's propeller.
      [*]After he holds the Cosmic Cube in his hands, Johann Schmidt/The Red Skull makes a comment about how the Fuhrer "searches the desert for trinkets


    Did they NOT notice Tommy Lee Jones' jacket!?
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    Wasn't that just a standard A2 he was wearing? Admit I thought the film was fun, but not worth re-watching so I couldn't swear to it. If so however, Indy's jacket was based on the A2 with some changes in the pattern. The "Trinkets in the Desert" line did make me smile though. I think the others might be more coincident than homage.
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    The very reason I enjoyed "Captain America" so much was because I felt like Indy or the Rocketeer could have shown up in cameos and it wouldn't even have seemed out of place.

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