Raiders font / movie slate - done

Looks great! Where did you find the clapboard? Or did you make it? I’ve been looking for a vintage one like that but haven’t found one yet.
A thin paper with the text is applied on the board, than matt varnish. The weathering of the clapper comes after this.

Do you mean the entire face of the clapboard (black background, white text, lines, etc) are all just printed on a piece of paper then glued to the front of the board? This is an amazing project and a great idea!
I absolutely love it! Great project.
There were at least 3 clap boards used for Raiders - are you planning on doing any more?

Even though I'm pretty much strictly just a Raiders guy my favorite clapboard has to be Jaws. So original
Thank you Magnoli. One must be creative :)
I used more or less the same technique on the Raiders wardrobe test board and the Shawshank Redemption clapper
Next project will be the Alien and Aliens clapboards (lots of weathering to work on! )

Raiders wardrobe test board:

raiders wardrobe test board.jpg

Shawshank Redemption slate:

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