RAGE Settler Pistol

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Computer Whiz, Oct 20, 2011.

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    Hi there!

    After seeing some video playtroughs of Rage i fell in love with the first weapon the player acquires, and i want to make a replica of it.

    However, i am not a replica-making veteran so i need some advice as of what materials it should be made of and so forth.

    It seems to be based on the MP412 REX revolver

    Reference images:




  2. Grey

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    It's unlikely that they based it on that rather obscure revolver. The only thing they share is the break-two mechanisim, like a webley or similar revolvers.
  3. Tack

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    I've been thinking about making it myself. I might just have to take a stab at it!
  4. Atlas

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  5. Noeland

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    Yep, has a very webley fosberry vibe.

    I like it!
  6. dwarf

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    it is certainly a weapon that is nice to build,when i got time i will look in to it

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