R2-D2's Return of the Jedi Power Charge Arm - Found Part Identification

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I recently offered several "taser tips" in the Junkyard and had many people ask me where I found them. I did not realize this wasn't a known piece so let me share what I know.

The primary component of R2-D2's "Power Charge Arm" is a General Control Company Toggle Switch. Patent No. 2411086.

I found some on eBay about a year ago, which are the ones I sold in the Junkyard. They do come up from time to time, but several variants are incorrect, so be cautious. Below are photos of the correct one. They come apart relatively easily, although you need a Dremel to get the riveted center bar out.

R2-D2 Power Charge Arm - General Control Company Toggle Switch 2.jpg

R2-D2 Power Charge Arm - General Control Company Toggle Switch.jpg

Here is the charge arm in Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983). It is first seen when R2 cuts Princess Leia's slave chain...
Star Wars 4K83 - 00_35_46 -_00002.png

...and seen again when R2 saves C-3PO from Salacious Crumb.
Star Wars 4K83 - 00_35_52 -_00004.png

As pointed out by Chris Reiff, this piece is also seen as part of Lando's intercom/announcement device when warning the residents of Cloud City against the Empire in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980).

I modeled up the first section of the arm that we see behind the GCC Switch. If you have the GCC switch, it will screw right into this model. Obviously, I haven't included some of the other parts that are known found parts (like Boba Fett's toe spike), but this should get you started.
I am attaching the STL's here. Use as you see fit.
Power Charge Arm.PNG


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wow I NEVER would have guessed, thank you for sharing! I'm sorry you got flooded with questions. I thought this was a record player needle carrier for ages :D

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