R.I.P. Ricky Jay....the Magicians Magician


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This slipped under the radar. I just found out by watching Testeds podcast. He did sooo much.

R.I.P. Mr Jay....... Unless its some kind of elaborate illusion.


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He was a unique guy. I enjoyed his company a few times and loved watching his magical works.
His loss is huge to the magic community.
He was not feeling well on Thanksgiving and passed away the Saturday afterwards.



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In the 1970’s I got Ricky Jay’s book, “Cards as Weapons” from my local magic shop and learned how to rapidly fire playing cards with power and accuracy. I’d attack my brother, pelting him with cards, inflicting welts and paper cuts. He is older so he inevitably got to me and beat me up but it was worth it.

That book was a first edition. Today it would be worth $200-$800. I remember the book also inexplicably had a very pretty topless girl in the photo as a subject - just because. Thanks, Rick for the lessons and that girl.
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