R.I.P. Kathy Burns.


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Such sad news. Kathy Burns, beloved wife and kindred soul of Bob Burns has passed away. Her and Bob were second parents to every weirdo and misfit monster kid since the 1950's.

They are directly responsible for most of the Special Effects we all see today by inspiring and in most cases, directly helping aspiring make-up artist (like Rick Baker) hone their craft. Bob would even let Rick practice on him. Kathy built Bobs Kogar and Tracy Gorilla suits and was both of their "trainers" .

The Burns' were well known for their Halloween Haunted House extravaganza at their house each year that became a decades long tradition. . . Kathy also helped Bob maintain his Monster Museum in their home. Bob started collecting movie props decades ago and has acquired the ultimate Monster prop collection, including the original 1933 King Kong Armature. I was blessed to have known them both.

They willingly gave their all to anyone who came to them with questions and were NEVER in a hurry when they met fans. I talked to Bob for over an hour at a convention 2003 and it was like sitting and talking with my grandfather. He answered every question I asked about his gorilla suits like it was his first time talking about them even though he's answered the same questions a thousand times before to geeks just like me. Kathy sat with with us, correcting him if need be. Seeing them interact like that was proof how much they loved each other. Bob never argued, always trusting his beloved bride (or like a good husband, he knew never to argue ). ❤

Rest in Peace Kathy Burns. You will definitely be missed.


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Got to meet Bob & Kathy at Wonderfest one year and I totally agree with your statements. They made you feel, right away, as if they were lifelong friends. My deepest condolences go out to Bob. RIP, Kathy.


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Very sad indeed. Rest in Peace Kathy. Bob has and is a leader in the prop world and his collection speaks for itself. Thanks the Heavens for people like him who are keepers of important pieces seen in classic movies.

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