R.I.P Jimmy savile


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I'll remember him best from presenting Top of the Pops in the 70's.
He also raised millions for Charity.
R.I.P Sir Jimmy Saville

Guy Cowen

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One of the most insane sane men we've had the pleasure of in the UK your years. He defined the hip hop dress code 40 years ago (genius). A complete nut case and a true legend for his charity work.

Its a shame there will only be a hand full of people that really new the man but thats how it wanted it. I think its something like £20,000,000 that he's raised over the years and who can say they done that?

RIP sir Jimmy and as adaddon says back with the Duchess again, I bet he died smiling knowing that. He described women as "Brain Damage" (Genius) (Joke) (cough, cough)


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Loved him...he was eccentric, but sincere, funny and totally larger than life.

Jangle jangle, jewellery jewellery, now then now then, owz about that then guys and gals.....

He will be livening things up wherever he's gone!



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Man when I was a kid back in England I had the pleasure of meeting him, really nice guy. Loved watching jim'll fix it. he will be missed.

Colin Droidmilk

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Now then, now then, was that really you we saw in that clip floating up to that great 70s armchair in the sky? (Did things come out of the arms on that armchair? Cigars and badges and stuff? Can't quite remember...)


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he was the first person to put 2 turntables together when d.j.ing too , innovator extrodinaire. he lived in my home town , saw him about lots of times. he used to volonteer as a porter at the leeds general infirmary too.... he did get a lil odd in later years as the famous louis theroux doc showed , but hell he was an institution and a fine amassador for us nutcases here in yorkshire.
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