Quints Blue Denim shirt and hat


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I'm trying to locate Quints USN Blue Chambray shirt with the correct pocket flaps. I'm pretty certain its a WW2 issued shirt. Does anyone have one or know where I could get one? I am not seeing them on Ebay.

Im also looking for this infamous hat with the pocket on the front and I am having zero luck. Any help is appreciated.



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I had several of those hats in the 70s. After getting hooked on the film, I went to my local Army-Navy store (those are long gone boy) and it had the exact same hat (the little pocket in front, as you said). It was an off-the-shelf item and not military to the best of my memory. Alas, I didn't keep any. I'd wear it to death, toss it, and and get another until the store no longer stocked them. I could kick myself now for not keeping any.

I'd bet the shirt was a similar story.
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It's not a USN shirt. It's actually a Levis Orange Tab cotton chambray work shirt.

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