Quick'n'dirty Combustible Lemon project


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Hi all, here's a quick (nearly) one day project. 3x Special order from Aperture Science R&D.

Combustible Lemon! Toy grenades and fake lemons. I think the cardboard box from the craft store cost nearly as much as the rest of it!

20160628_200118254_iOS.jpg 20160628_200051334_iOS.jpg 20160628_200204601_iOS.jpg 20160628_200130943_iOS.jpg 20160628_200312334_iOS.jpg

Hope you dig.

Ultra Lord

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Those are beautiful. Many houses will burn with a fresh lemony scent. Are they just fake lemons with grenade parts glued on? Cause they look like a fun project!


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Nice :thumbsup

I made some a while back with toy grenades that had a detonation sound when you pulled the pin. Lots of fun!

Are you planning on adding the Aperture logo as well?
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