Quickie project - National Treasure glasses finished


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I stumbled upon the old National Treasure research thread and decided to give this prop a go.
A fairly easy and cheap prop to make -

$30 for the Townsend glases.
$12 for a two pair of the gold plated loupes.
$21 for 3 colored lenses from Anchor Optics.
$3 for a cheap acrylic frame which I shaped into the clear lenses of the glasses.

used my dremmel with a small steel brush bit and took the gold plating off of the loupes.
Took any remaining gold off with some steel wool and fine sandpaper.
Also used the find sandaper to remove the paint off of the glasses.

Used some Aluminum Black to weather the metal loupes and glasses

used a small micro hand drill set and drilled the holes for the loupes. (I was too worried about using and electric drill so just slwoly drilled it by hand)

shaped the glasses lens housing by lightly hitting it with the rubbery handles from a pair of plyers.

Big thanks to Droidboy for some lens info.




The best part is, I tested these specs out on a 3D Iphone app and it works just like 3D glasses.:lol
I was going to write a review and take some pics of a set of these glasses I asked Darth Saber to help me with. But his beautiful pictures are much better than the ones I took with my iphone lol

Not only did he give me all the info I needed to buy the parts he also built it up for me for free. My injury really doesn't lend itself for small fiddly stuff just yet. SO 1 BILLION rep points for a great guy and a class act. I love my new toy:)

Thanks alot mate:)

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