Quickie Leprachauns for kids 1st Grade Class

Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by BrundelFly, Apr 3, 2012.

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    My Daughters First Grade Class make Leprachaun "TRAPS" every year.

    The teacher springs the traps once the kids leave and trashes the room.
    When the kids came back on the Following school day, they had "Gold Coin Candy" in their traps. But sadly, NO Little Leprachauns.

    Well, THIS year, we told them that the Security Camera's caught the little guys in action, and we had pictures to prove it.

    The kids had a BLAST, and were really suprised.
    I didn't have it so good, as I had a week to Sculpt a Leprachaun, mold and cast 5 of them (Four shown below) doin gmy best to make them look sorta different from eachother and then shoot the pictures after class on the day the kids brought in the traps.

    I set a camera up on a tripod. Took a picture, repositioned the 5 models, then took another picture, then photo shopped them all together in order to make it look like a small riot.

    I know, they are rough, I BUILD models, I dont sculpt. I did the best I could, but I was really happy how the pictures came out, and when my Daughter's face lit up upon seeing the hord of the little green guys playing in her trap.....it was so very worth it.

    Hope you like the pictures.

    The Motley Crue: Notice the QUARTER for SCALE.






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  2. OzDean

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    That's brilliant! I'd love to do this!
  3. Jessica

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    OMG so cool!!
  4. Howlrunner

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    What an ace idea! As a primary school teacher myself I MUST steal, er.... borrow, this idea! I'm thinking Design/Technology curriculum, but any idea what topic/event the trap building was linked to? (St Patrick's Day?) Do you happen to know what the design spec was that the kids were given? (have to trap but not kill a Lerechaun? What sort of bait to use? etc?) Were the traps made in class or as homework with parents?

    I bet the kids just LOVED the pictures. Nice one. :):thumbsup
  5. Brien

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    My daughter's preschool class did the same thing, I wish I had thought of this little extra bit.
  6. BrundelFly

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    Basically the Kids with parents involved made NON-Lethal "traps" using pretty much anything you could think of to "catch a Leprachaun" over the recent St Patty's Day!

    I had searched all over the WWW and could not find anything to use for Figures, so I was forced to make one.

    We told the kids the Little Green Guys found and used the teachers camera. They also made PRINTS to tease of showing their mischief!

    Steal / borrow at will! Enjoy!
  7. mrsmartypants

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    Terrific idea and excellent execution! Nice touch to have 1 leprechaun using 2 others as a step to peek into the trap in pic 4. Pics 5 and 6 are brilliant in themselves.

    Love the kid that used a Corona box to make his trap. LOL
  8. Sluis Van Shipyards

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    Aw, well that takes all the fun out of sticking it to those guys! :lol They look really good. That's a great idea too!
  9. blennus

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    Yep the last two shots really sell it... great work!
  10. frosty

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    thats a great idea, and the figures looked ace, well done
  11. Pobbrett

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    excellent but you know next year you'll have to set up a dummy cctv cam and do a black and white stop motion animation, that would blow the kids minds
  12. Sym-Cha

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    Wonderfully executed!
    I love the leprechaun,
    who in that last picture,
    discovers the camera
    ... absolutely brilliant!


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