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I'm really only interested in getting the Original Trilogy on Bluray, but I want all the "extras" discs.

Do you get the extras if you only buy part of the saga, or do you have to buy the complete set to get the extras?

Thanks in advance!!


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Could you imagine how many prequel sets would be warming the shelves if you had 4 options of sets to choose from?

- Saga Collection
- Prequel Trilogy
- "Original" Trilogy
- Supplemental Content set

That sort of separation would tell you what people are demanding out there. People who want just the OT and the bonus stuff are stuck with the PT by default, so that would be an interesting sales numbers test to see what the people ended up wanting out there. Willing to bet the bonus set would be one of the highest selling sets.


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Blu rays, yes, but extras (like deleted scenes - man, check out the wampa stuff, that's all comedy GOLD!) mostly in SD quality.
The deleted scenes are all HD. Mind you, they come from crappy workprints, but the video is HD.

The vintage TV specials are SD. But they're still on a Blu-Ray disc.


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Yes, they are presented in HD, but I'd swear the scans weren't. Workprint might be to blame for that look, but there's just doesn't seem to be enough fine detail there to say "2K scan" to me (as if that's a halmark of quality in 2011, but...I digress).:unsure

Any-hoooo...if the question is what media they are recorded on, then, yes, I appologize, the extras are recorded on blu-ray discs.
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